Sale Management

Maximize Lead & Opportunity With Sales Management

Wortal offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline your sales process, boost efficiency, and drive revenue growth.

Lead Management

Create or capture leads from integrated platforms and distribute among relevant employees manually or automatically as per your requirements just by a click with sales tracking software. Get notified on receiving new leads and set reminders to get notifications for follow ups. Nurture lead with personal attention by knowing your customer’s use case and expectations.

Opportunity Management

To close a deal, proper follow up and objections handling plays a vital role. Keep a detailed track of all the follow ups and customers in the pipeline from a single place with respective remarks and required details. Monitor all prospects stagewise and take appropriate actions accordingly with Wortal sales CRM software.

Quotation Management

Get Quotations in Predefined Templates Automatically with Just One Click without Any Manual Entries with Online Sales Management Software. Fully Customisable and Editable Templates Meeting All Required Fields for Your Business. Maintain Consistency and Accuracy, with System Generated Quotation and Minimize the Errors that Could Arise out Of Manual Entries.

Contact Management

Maintain contacts of all the customers, leads, clients, vendors etc at one place under different contact groups with Wortal sales crm software . Get easy access to contact details as and when needed without surfing various locations. Uniform system of recording contact details leads to accuracy and eliminates duplicates. Centralization enhances data security, as you can implement access controls and permissions to protect sensitive contact information.

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