Comprehensive Multi - Warehouse & Branch inventory management software

Efficiently manages all aspects of your inventory across multiple branches and warehouses with our comprehensive inventory management software. Gain real-time visibility into stock levels, automate inventory tracking, and streamline order processing for increased efficiency and profitability.

Streamline Operations with Best Inventory Management Software

Efficiently Manage Stock, Orders, and Resources Within Your CRM Ecosystem

Unveiling the Inventory Management Module's Key Features

Align inventory levels with customer trends, enhance customer satisfaction and streamline their supply chain for improved efficiency.

Multi Branch & Multi Warehouse Stock Management

Multiple branches, multiple warehouses: no worries!! Record, Maintain, Monitor and Control inventory across diverse branches in best inventory management software in india. Optimize stock levels, with reduced dead stock and sufficient stock in hand to meet demand and supply. Streamlined stock maintenance leads to timely order fulfillment, reduces costs and increases customer satisfaction.

Inter Branch-Inter Warehouse Inventory Transfer

Branch to branch transfer, branch to warehouse transfer, warehouse to warehouse transfer or warehouse to branch transfer, do it from the best inventory management software in India in a few clicks. With the facility of easy transfer, efficiently redistribute inventory among branches and warehouses. With centralized control over all branches and warehouses, save costs and deliver faster by maintaining availability of stock on time.

Product categorization Hierarchy

Create categories and subcategories as required and maintain hierarchy of products/services of the business with Wortal lead management software. Employees will get clarity in terms of which product belongs to which category along with its description and prices. This will ease the process of quotation generation and will lead to impactful presentation.

Inventory Reports (Branch wise, Warehouse-Wise, Product-Wise)

Keeping a track of inventory at diverse branches and warehouses is crucial to meet customer demands, reduce dead stock and decide when and how much to spend on manufacturing/procuring inventory. Wortal inventory management software gives you intuitive reporting of inventory, by which you can generate reports Branch wise, Warehouse wise or product wise, as and when required.

How does Wortal Inventory Management Work?

Wortal CRM manages inventory hierarchy and real time availability of stock. Create,modify and record all inwards, outwards and inter branch/warehouse transfers.

Create Product/Service Group

Wortal gives you two predefined primary groups, Goods and Services. You can add tangible products under Goods category and intangible products under services category. Create sub-categories under goods/services as per your business requirements and maintain stock as per category hierarchy.


Maintain Stock Inwards & Outwards

With inventory management features you can add product, enter its opening stock, record purchase & sales return in stock inward option and sales & purchase return in stock outward option. Get to know the whole history of the product in and out with a stock summary report.


Create Item Under Respective Group

Once the Item groups are created, you can create/edit/delete items under those groups. Maintain product name, description, selling price, HSN code, quantity and images of the product at one place. Same way you can manage different services you are serving with its service name, description, SAC code and its pricing.


Inter Branch/Warehouse Transfer

Manage multiple branches and warehouses stock at one place with Wortal CRM. Maintain required stock by redistributing stock within branches and warehouses with transfer inventory feature. Transfer from branch to branch, branch to warehouse, warehouse to warehouse, and warehouse to branch in a few simple steps and keep a proper track on inventory anytime anywhere.


Why choose Us?

Choose us as your trusted partner for our industry-leading solutions, personalized support, and a collaborative journey towards achieving your goals.

Simple User Interface

Simple to Use Interface that Provides Ease of Navigation for Users. Menus and Options Are Designed and Placed with Such Precision Which Will Lead to Work with Minimum Effort.

Easy to Set up And Use

Designed with Simplicity in Mind, Enabling You to Get Started Quickly and Effortlessly. Get Easy and Smooth Access to All the Tools and Make Your Work Easier and More Efficient.


Integration Feature in Crm Will Connect You with Other Software Applications and Services. This Will Automate Data Fetching and Ease Your Working by Saving Time and Energy.

Manage Multiple Businesses

The Exclusive Feature to Manage More than One Business from A Single Platform. an Owner Can Manage All His Businesses from One Place and An User Can Get Access to Multiple Businesses.

Affordable Prices

Affordable and Flexible Subscription Plans, Designed in Such a Way to Ensure that You Get All the Necessary Features to Operate Your Business Considering Your Budget and Business Requirements.

Interactive Dashboard & Reporting

An Interactive Dashboard Leads You to Walk Through the Entire Business Scenario in A Glance. Get Facts and Figures with Graphical Representation of Business as Whole or Of Respective Employees.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Inventory Management Software

We Offer Flexibility to Maintain Group Wise Inventory Whether It Is Goods or Services. You Can Create a Product/service Detailing Its Description, Price, Rate of Applicable Taxes Along with Its Images.

There Are Several Advantages of Using Inventory Management Software. but Wortal CRM Has Some Best Advantages Like Increased Efficiency, Real-Time Stock Count Visibility, Improved Accuracy, Demand/supply Forecasting and Cost Saving.

You Need an Inventory Management System for Many Reasons Like Efficient Inventory Control, Streamlined Operations, to Control Dead Stock, to Meet Demands. Wortal CRM Can Provide You All of Them.

Yes, with The Help of Wortal CRM You Can Easily Add, Update, or Delete Your Products in Bulk.

We Offer Multi Branch Management Features. Create as Many Branches You Have at One Place and Simply Transfer Inventory with It’s Stock Transfer Feature.

We Offer a Multi Warehouse Management Feature. Create as Many Warehouses You Have at One Place and Simply Transfer Inventory with It’s Stock Transfer Feature.

To Forecast Inventory Requirements Using a CRM System, You Can Follow These Steps: Gather Historical Data, Analyze Sales Pipeline, Collaborate with Sales Team, Consider External Factors and Utilize Forecasting Tools.

Inventory Management Focuses on The Overall Control and Oversight of A Company’s Inventory to Ensure Optimal Stock Levels, Minimize Costs, and Maximize Profitability.
Warehouse Inventory Management, on The Other Hand, Specifically Deals with Managing the Inventory Within a Warehouse or DistribuTion Center, Including Activities Like Receiving, Storing, Picking, and Shipping Products. It Involves the Physical Handling and Logistics of Inventory Within the Warehouse Facility.

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