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Streamline your inventory management system across numerous branches and warehouses effortlessly with our all-inclusive tool. Witness instant updates on stock levels, automate tracking, and optimize order processing for enhanced productivity and profitability.

Enhance Operational Efficiency with Leading Inventory Management Software

Effectively Manage Stock, Orders, and Resources within Your CRM Framework

Discover the Key Features of Our Inventory Management Module

Sync inventory levels with customer demands, elevate satisfaction, and streamline supply chains for optimal efficiency.

Stock Management for Multiple Branches and Warehouses

Effortlessly manage inventory across multiple branches and warehouses with our top-tier inventory management software in India. Keep track, organize, and oversee stock levels efficiently, ensuring optimal inventory levels to meet demand and supply. By streamlining stock maintenance, you can fulfill orders promptly, minimize dead stock, and enhance customer satisfaction with the best inventory management software.

Inventory Transfers Between Branches and Warehouses

Facilitate seamless inventory transfers between branches and warehouses with just a few clicks using our software. Whether it's branch-to-branch, branch-to-warehouse, warehouse-to-warehouse, or warehouse-to-branch transfers, manage them effortlessly. With centralized control, efficiently redistribute inventory among your locations, reducing costs and improving delivery times by ensuring timely availability of stock.

Product Categorization Structure

Efficiently categorize products and services with customizable categories and subcategories using Wortal lead management software. By maintaining a clear hierarchy, employees gain insights into product classifications, descriptions, and prices, streamlining quotation generation and enhancing presentations.

Inventory Insights: Branches, Warehouses, and Products Unveiled

Track inventory across various branches and warehouses to meet customer needs, minimize dead stock, and optimize procurement decisions. Wortal inventory management software provides intuitive reporting capabilities, allowing you to generate branch-wise, warehouse-wise, or product-wise reports on demand.

What's the functionality of Wortal Inventory Management?

Wortal CRM efficiently organizes inventory levels and provides real-time updates on stock availability. Easily create, modify, and track all incoming, outgoing, and inter-branch/warehouse transfers.

Establish Product/Service Categories

Wortal offers predefined primary groups - Goods and Services. Organize tangible products under Goods and intangible ones under Services. Customize sub-categories based on your business needs to manage stock effectively within the category hierarchy.


Track Stock Movements

Utilize inventory management functionalities to input new products, set opening stock levels, and document purchase and sales returns under stock inward and outward options. Access a comprehensive history of product movements through a detailed stock summary report.


Add Items to Their Respective Groups

After creating item groups, easily manage items within them. Maintain comprehensive details such as product name, description, selling price, HSN code, quantity, and images for goods. Similarly, manage various services with their names, descriptions, SAC codes, and pricing.


Facilitate Inter-Branch/Warehouse Transfers

Centralize stock management across multiple branches and warehouses using Wortal CRM. Ensure optimal stock levels by redistributing inventory between branches and warehouses effortlessly with the transfer inventory feature. Easily transfer stock between branches, from branch to warehouse, warehouse to warehouse, and warehouse to branch, maintaining precise inventory records accessible from anywhere, anytime, being the best inventory management software in India.


Why choose Us?

Opt for us as your reliable ally for cutting-edge solutions, tailored assistance, and a joint endeavor towards realizing your objectives, with the inventory management software india.

Simple User Interface

Our interface is intuitively designed, ensuring effortless navigation for all users. Every menu and option is meticulously crafted for minimal effort and maximum productivity.

Effortless Setup and Operation

Simplicity is at the core of our design, allowing you to kickstart your operations swiftly and seamlessly. Access all tools with ease, making your workflow smoother and more efficient.

Seamless Integration

Our CRM's integration feature seamlessly connects you with other software applications and services, automating data retrieval and enhancing productivity by saving valuable time and effort.

Centralized Management of Multiple Businesses

Our platform offers the unique capability to manage multiple businesses from a single dashboard. Whether you're an owner overseeing several ventures or a user with access to multiple businesses, everything is conveniently centralized inventory management software.

Budget-Friendly Pricing

We offer affordable and flexible subscription plans tailored to meet your business needs and budget. Rest assured, you'll have access to all the essential features required to operate your business efficiently.

Dynamic Dashboard and Reporting

Get through your business landscape effortlessly with our interactive dashboard. Gain insights with graphical representations of your business performance as a whole or drill down into individual employee metrics.

Frequently asked questions

A Complete Overview of Inventory Management Software

Our CRM provides the flexibility to manage inventory in groups, whether it’s products or services. You can create detailed profiles for each item, including descriptions, prices, applicable taxes, and images.

There are numerous advantages to utilizing inventory management software, and Wortal CRM offers some of the best, including enhanced efficiency, real-time visibility of stock levels, increased accuracy, demand forecasting, and cost savings.

An inventory management system is essential for efficient inventory control, streamlined operations, minimizing dead stock, and meeting demand. Wortal CRM offers comprehensive solutions to address these needs.

Absolutely, with Wortal CRM, you can easily add, update, or delete products in bulk, simplifying management tasks.

Utilizing Wortal CRM’s multi-branch management feature, you can effortlessly transfer inventory between branches using the stock transfer functionality.

Forecasting inventory requirements involves gathering historical data, analyzing the sales pipeline, collaborating with the sales team, considering external factors, and utilizing forecasting tools within the CRM.

Inventory management involves overseeing a company’s overall inventory to optimize stock levels and profitability. On the other hand, warehouse inventory management specifically focuses on handling inventory within a warehouse or distribution center, encompassing tasks such as receiving, storing, picking, and shipping products.

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