Manage Team & Resource Efficiently with Employee Management Software

Wortal CRM’s Employee Productivity Monitoring Software ensures tasks are organized, roles are defined, and performance is tracked, leading to improved efficiency, better communication, and a positive work environment.

Streamlining Productivity and Engagement

With Wortal CRM streamline tasks, enhance workforce engagement, and foster data-driven insights for informed decision-making, ultimately boosting overall organizational efficiency.

Manage Tasks

The Task Management feature in Wortal Employee Tracking Software helps users to organize and track their tasks, activities, and to-do items related to their interactions with customers, leads, and contacts. This feature gives improved efficiency and ensures that important actions are not delayed or skipped in the process of managing customer relationships.

Remote Work Management

Remote work management within Wortal Employee Monitoring Software lets you draft strategies, tools, and practices used to effectively manage and coordinate a remote or distributed team's activities and interactions with customers, leads, and contacts. Wortal CRM systems play a crucial role in ensuring that teams can collaborate, communicate, and maintain high-quality customer relationships regardless of their physical locations.

Monitoring Productivity / Performance Metrics

To track and measure various key performance indicators and metrics related to the activities of your sales, inventory, and customer service teams, Wortal CRM’s Employee Productivity Monitoring Software has given an intuitive Reports feature. This feature helps organizations assess the effectiveness of their efforts, make data-driven decisions, and continuously improve their customer engagement strategies.

Recognition, Rewards & Conflict Resolution

Wortal CRM’s Employee Management Software gives a 360 view of the entire sales journey leading to positive interactions among team members, encouraging collaboration, and resolving conflicts effectively. On the basis of data driven evaluations you get a clear idea of employee’s performance, and rewards are distributed among themselves accordingly.

How does Wortal Employee Management Works?

With Wortal CRM streamline tasks, enhance workforce engagement, and foster data-driven insights for informed decision-making, ultimately boosting overall organizational efficiency.

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Simple User Interface

Simple to Use Interface that Provides Ease of Navigation for Users. Menus and Options Are Designed and Placed with Such Precision Which Will Lead to Work with Minimum Effort.

Easy to Set up And Use

Designed with Simplicity in Mind, Enabling You to Get Started Quickly and Effortlessly. Get Easy and Smooth Access to All the Tools and Make Your Work Easier and More Efficient.


Integration Feature in CRM Will Connect You with Other Software Applications and Services. This Will Automate Data Fetching and Ease Your Working by Saving Time and Energy.

Manage Multiple Businesses

The Exclusive Feature to Manage More than One Business from A Single Platform. an Owner Can Manage All His Businesses from One Place and An User Can Get Access to Multiple Businesses.

Affordable Prices

Affordable and Flexible Subscription Plans, Designed in Such a Way to Ensure that You Get All the Necessary Features to Operate Your Business Considering Your Budget and Business Requirements.

Interactive Dashboard & Reporting

An Interactive Dashboard Leads You to Walk Through the Entire Business Scenario in A Glance. Get Facts and Figures with Graphical Representation of Business as Whole or Of Respective Employees.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the pricing plan & billing

Employee Management Involves Efficiently Overseeing and Administering the Workforce Using the Software. Wortal CRM Helps Track Employee Data, Monitor Performance, Set Goals, and Provide Necessary Training and Support. with Wortal CRM, Organizations Can Create a Positive Work Environment, Encourage Communication, and Ensure Fair and Effective Management Practices. This Ultimately Optimizes Workforce Productivity, Engagement, and Satisfaction, Contributing to The Success and Growth of The Business.

In Wortal CRM, the Ability to Create Tasks Typically Depends on The User’s Role and Permissions Set by The CRM Administrator. the CRM Administrator Can Define User Roles and Permissions, Determining Who Has the Ability to Create Tasks Within the System. Generally, Tasks Can Be Created by Individuals or Teams Responsible for Managing Customer Interactions, Such as Sales Representatives, Customer Service Agents, or Project Managers. the Specific Users Who Can Create Tasks Can Be Customized Based on The Organization’s Needs and The Roles Assigned Within the CRM System.

Wortal CRM gives you different stages to define the status of a task. It can be, not started, started, deferred, canceled or completed. You can edit the task and choose the completed status.

In Wortal CRM, Sub-Tasks Are Smaller Tasks Created Within a Main Task. They Help Break Down Complex Tasks, Improve Organization, and Track Progress at Different Levels. Sub-Tasks Inherit Properties from The Main Task and Enhance Collaboration and Task Management.

There Are Many Benefits of Employee Management Systems Like Atime-Saving, Increased Efficiency, Improved Accuracy, Compliance Adherence, Cost-Effectiveness, Employee Self-Service, Data-Driven Insights, Scalability and Improved Employee Experience Etc…

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