Simplify Operations with Our User Management Software: Effortlessly Manage Roles and Permissions for Seamless Efficiency.

User access management software lets you maintain security and accountability by assigning specific roles and permissions to users, leading to prevention of unauthorized access, data breaches, and errors while streamlining workflows and maintaining a structured and controlled digital environment.

User control made simple:
Roles & Permissions overview.

Define Roles & Permissions and simplify access control, ensuring appropriate user privileges for secure interactions within the system

Role Based Dashboard

Role-based dashboard in Wortal CRM’s user management software system displays information and functionality related to specific roles within an organization. This feature allows different users, such as salespeople, managers, customer support agents, and executives, to access the data and tools that are relevant to their job functions and responsibilities.

Access Control

Wortal CRM’s user access management software lets you manage and regulate user access to different parts of the Customer Relationship Management system and the data stored within it. This is necessary for maintaining data security, ensuring privacy, and complying with relevant regulations.To maintain a balance between the access the users need to perform their roles and maintaining data security and compliance, this is our core feature.

Activity Logging

With Wortal CRM’s user management software you can record and track various activities and interactions that take place within the CRM system. These activities can be user actions, customer interactions, system events, and more. With the help of activity logging employees get accountability, and managers get data analysis, compliance, and transparency.

Reporting and Analytics

Wortal CRM makes it convenient and easier to take informed decisions, monitor performance, and gain insights from the reports generated out of data collected within the CRM. You get three types of reporting from Wortal: Standard reports, Custom Reports and Dashboard views.Get user wise reports with its user management software and analyze, evaluate and uplift employee’s performance.

How does Wortal Role & User Management Work?

Define roles, assign predefined roles to users, each with specific permissions and regulate user access, allowing streamlined control and collaboration within the team

Create user & assign roles

Onboard any number of users by just filling a simple form manually or sharing an invitation to join CRM with a magic link on the user's mail. You can decide the role of users among all available roles from CRM.

Give access as required

Manage user’s access with custom permissions feature of Wortal CRM. Users can access features and information up to the extent of access granted to them.

One user multi business access

If you have multiple businesses and the same user to manage all businesses, you just need to create a user once and give access to all running businesses on Wortal CRM.

Get predefined reports according to access

Self evaluation is the most important component for development. Wortal CRM gives employees wise, period wise, product wise, source wise reports of every user. And users have the access to those respective reports for self betterment and reporting.

Why choose Us?

Choose us as your trusted partner for our industry-leading solutions, personalized support, and a collaborative journey towards achieving your goals.

Simple User Interface

Simple to Use Interface that Provides Ease of Navigation for Users. Menus and Options Are Designed and Placed with Such Precision Which Will Lead to Work with Minimum Effort.

Easy to Set up And Use

Designed with Simplicity in Mind, Enabling You to Get Started Quickly and Effortlessly. Get Easy and Smooth Access to All the Tools and Make Your Work Easier and More Efficient.


Integration Feature in CRM Will Connect You with Other Software Applications and Services. This Will Automate Data Fetching and Ease Your Working by Saving Time and Energy.

Manage Multiple Businesses

The exclusive feature to manage more than one business from a single platform. An owner can manage all his businesses from one place and an user can get access to multiple businesses.

Affordable Prices

Affordable and Flexible Subscription Plans, Designed in Such a Way to Ensure that You Get All the Necessary Features to Operate Your Business Considering Your Budget and Business Requirements.

Interactive Dashboard & Reporting

An Interactive Dashboard Leads You to Walk Through the Entire Business Scenario in A Glance. Get Facts and Figures with Graphical Representation of Business as Whole or Of Respective Employees.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the pricing plan & billing

The Ability to Create Users in A Wortal Crm System Is Typically Limited to Administrators or Individuals with Administrative Privileges. These Individuals Have the Authority to Manage User Accounts, Create New Users, and Assign Appropriate Roles and Permissions Within the CRM. by Assigning This Responsibility to A Limited Number of Administrators, Organizations Can Ensure Proper Control Over User Access and Data Security Within the CRM.

Yes, User Profiles Can Be Customized in Wortal CRM. Administrators Can Define Different Roles and Permissions for Users Based on Their Responsibilities, Ensuring that Each User Has Access to The Relevant Features and Data Necessary for Their Job. This Customization Helps Optimize the User Experience and Maintain Data Security.

Yes, in Wortal CRM, There Are Different User Roles and Permissions Available to Ensure Secure and Controlled Access to The System. Here Are the Common User Roles and Their Associated Permissions: Admin, Branch Manager, Intern and User.

In Wortal CRM, User Access Control and Security Are Handled Through Measures Such As:

  1. User Authentication with Secure Login.
  2. Role-Based Access Control for Different Levels of Permissions.
  3. Data Encryption for Protection During Transmission and Storage.

These Measures Ensure a Secure Environment for Managing CRM Data and Operations in Wortal CRM.

Yes, Wortal CRM Provides Reporting and Analytics on User Activity. It Offers Features that Allow Admin and Branch Managers to Generate Reports and Analyze User Activity Within the CRM System. These Reports Can Provide Insights Into User Communication History, Data Modifications, Count and Status of Leads and Opportunities, and Other Relevant Activities.

No, in Wortal CRM, a User Cannot Access Another User’s Account. the CRM System Has Built-In User Access Control and Security Measures in Place to Ensure that Each User Can only Access Their Own Account and The Data Associated with It.

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