The workforce management system is a must-have plan when you are planning on setting up a business setting apparatus is most important to collect the resources without a proper working plan your resources will be wasted or lost without generating their maximum output. This is why having better workforce management strategies is important. 

What is Workforce management?

Workforce management is a technical approach used to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of employees. It is an institutional process that has helped individual businesses and entire industries strategically optimize productivity and find success.

It seems like a simple concept, but in complex industries, workforce management takes on a different meaning. Workforce Management is ensuring you have the right person at the right place at the right time. This, in turn, creates the right plan for your business.

Proper Workforce Management goes beyond traditional labor scheduling when done right it includes people management, data management, planning and scheduling, analytics, forecasting and communication. Workforce management cannot be done alone. It takes a collective unit and prioritizes efficiency and taking care of your most important asset, your people.

Importance of Workforce management

Workforce management is a method of sharing resources between workers in a way that everyone can work freely without any confusion including monitoring attendance and maintaining every functionality under the laws and regulations of the workplace. It simply means that the system has to make sure that the right person is at the right place at the right time.

Each business has its unique characteristics and its situations to be managed wisely. Your WMS should focus on the challenges you have to face. even the same business may have different challenges to overcome so copying similar practices is not going to help in the long term.

In the past when WFM systems were not common there were many problems faced by the business owners and challenges that also affected the workers. problems like keeping timings

Are important among them. An organisation must have to keep their work according to the time schedules to keep up with their planned production schedules or to prepare for the next work if it is in the service sector.

Another problem faced was the workers who are represented by any trade unions or any collective organisation leaders even though union systems are good for the workers to ask for their rights and help improve their working environment. The major problem was in general these represented workers asked for comparatively higher wages and more benefits. This would affect the company rules and regulations in the areas of promotions, and increments in wages and the main problem was even if these employees may be ineligible for a particular post the company was forced to appoint them because of the complexity of the rules around the area.

Another problem was the management of attendance the traditional way of attendance recording which was signatures on an attendance register was easily altered and could be lost track of. Also, tracking of the employee activities was not easy. To overcome these challenges Workforce management softwares are necessary.

Wortal WFM software

Workforce management software provided by Wortal will provide you with features including core functionalities of a WFM system which are time management, attendance management, and safety and workforce efficiency. Wortal WFM software aims aims to simplify automate and streamline the process of managing your Workforce by providing a complete solution for all your workforce management needs.

Wortal has developed a solution that will transform your workforce management in a way that will benefit all aspects of your organization. You can manage it with Wortal you can manage track records and report on employee time and attendance automate employee scheduling easily create rosters according to the specific requirements of your organization allow employees to clock in and record their work hours using biometric face or fingerprint recognition proximity time clocks or simply through our app on their phone or PC.

This allows employees to request absences of any kind like annual leave sick leave maternity or parental leave in an automated and efficient way to improve accuracy and streamline payroll integrate with leading payroll HR and ERP systems reduce manual tasks and administration deploy through the cloud and scale with ease manage remotely and better understand your Workforce.

Workforce management: Top strategies 

  1. Get it Right

It is the basics of all strategies that every workforce management system is built for.

This ensures that the right person is in the right place at the right time. This will improve your customer experience and hence produce better feedback from the customers potentially bringing new customers for your product.

  1. Finding the right equipment

Doing all the jobs by hand using traditional pen and paper or Excel sheets from the past decade will make you and your managers frustrated and eventually may make wrong decisions which will cause damage to your business. So investing in a good workforce management tool will help you and your managers manage the daily activities a lot more easily and improve productivity.

This will help in fields like scheduling and time management etc. It will make it easy to control all your resources including your staff and managers to work together as a team.

  1. Reaponding at the right time:

Even if many functions are automated with the help of a wfm tool. You have to make the right decisions. To get the best results you need to study and understand your business well enough to implement the findings.

So you need to know about your customers your location, workplace, resources and how much amount you are going to spend on it you need to study the feasibility of the business with information gathered with the help of the organisation tools.

  1. Better forecasting.

It is the key strategy if you are planning on improving your workforce management to get the best results.

To get a great forecast you need to look back to your past and generate information which helps you identify changes that are to be made to improve the business. When you balance your planned cost with your results you will get the most profitable resources plan. 

  1. Better scheduling

Forecasting better will help you schedule better. Good scheduling will help you do things like reducing labour costs while increasing customer reviews and generating good sales.

This also increases the workforce of the company. But might cause employee happiness sometimes you have to be more careful when making decisions by also considering this aspect of the system not only increasing profit by low expense.

  1. 6. Effective communication

Miss communications are one of the major problems faced in almost every industry this is a very serious problem that is holding back your growth.

Solving challenges in the field of communication can help you improve your team strength you can choose modern options like creating a WhatsApp group or a Slack channel that will help you pass information to and from your employees this will make them feel more connected.

  1. 7. Measure the right field.

The ultimate aim of all businesses will be making a profit it is for you to decide how much or how long you are going to generate income through your establishment. Even though every business is different you must be focussing on four major factors. They are namely productivity, sales, customer flow, footfall, and customer satisfaction. 

Feedback from the customers can help improve situations very easily. Getting customer feedback is now that simple you can take initiatives like surveys, giving customers rating options like star rating with comments or satisfaction level indications like three buttons one with a smiley face imoji one with a sad face and another with an angry face these are some method to find the customer satisfaction levels. Customers are the king and if a customer leaves with a higher level of satisfaction they are likely to come back this should be what gives more importance to other factors that will come along with this.

  1. Flexibility.

Choosing the correct tools and techniques along with flexible work can allow businesses to improve productivity, time-saving, cost reduction, improve employee relations and improve employee happiness. This makes employees help to grow the business for their gains or bonus which you should provide for your employee’s loyal service. it also helps you manage an unexpected demand is occurred which was out of what you scheduled. 

  1. Hiring the right people

Your workforce planning will be easier when you choose the right number of people with the right qualities you will need to build a work culture which is good for your business. This will help you build a strong team and this will reduce your efforts in training them for the job. 

  1. Always engage with employees. 

Do not neglect your employees always engage with your employees encourage them and 

Appreciate them if needed. This will help them to work hard for your company with loyalty and 

This hard work pays off with the company’s growth and also don’t forget to reward them for their hard work with paid vacations, allowance, bonuses or any other ways.

Why Wortal WFM?

Wortal provides a wide range of advanced tools that help to automate and simplify your business process.

Employee self-service

In recent years employee self-service has helped to revolutionize the workforce management industry. The employee self-service feature helps the employees to manage all their activities including applying for a leave. You just have to accept or reject the leave application with details.


Wortal provides features that will help you forecast all the workforce requirements whether it’s from the customers or the employees. WFM solution can simulate possible situations enabling businesses to forecast solutions before it may cause the workflow this will act as a type of damage prevention or help damage control.

Attendance tracking

Wortal software enables automated attendance tracking which allows the managing staff to track employees and to manage options like payroll management leave management and more.

Reduce cost 

Because of the automation done by Wortal integrating all aspects of the company management, this will reduce a significant cost in many ways like less human resources for managing and auditing these data. and also helps in budgeting for all expenses and income generations.

Low risk

Helps to maintain low risk because of incorrect data collection and decision errors because of that.


The key feature and benefit of the Wortal WFM is that it is not just a WFM software it is a CRM software which is integrated with different components like employee management, inventory management, workforce management, and sale tracking management software. So that Wortal can generate more accurate data which will help in managing your company.

One-click decisions

Wortal collects data from all departments of the company and will provide you with the most accurate details and pieces of information and feedback from both the employees and the users.

Administration of the Wortal system by any supervisor or manager systems will instantly bring

all of the required information to the right place at the right time so decisions are just one simple click away.


Everything is automated and with the most accurate data which are produced by the software scheduling is far easier to perform

Time tracking 

Wortal can make sure with the data collected directly from workers by using internet-connected services to ensure all activities are done promptly including the issue of payrolls.

Managing overtime is one of the overtime issues and notifications are all calculated and sent automatically.

Data Analysis

Data collection will help you in all different aspects of the business from production points to workers’ feedback and sales tracking will help in finding the performance of the product in the market.


Thus the Wortal CRM also has a mobile version employees can be connected with the company by just logging into their profile and documents like leave applications file complaints etc can be sent without physically being on the company premises.

How does Wortal WFM Work?

Wortal is not just a stand-alone workflow management software but it is well organized and developed CRM software. Which can manage functionalities like sales management, employee management, role and user management, and inventory management. This is good because all these are must-have features to develop a good workflow in any business. As a CRM software wortal can generate all the required data for the managing staff to perform all the features of a wfm software which are well integrated within the Wortal CRM software.

 A workforce management solution looks like a puzzle with  three pieces going to start with

technology and this would be your telephony platform your email handle your web chat handler customer the customer interaction will feed into this is the smallest part of the WFM system the next part is  the actual WFM solution the software which is the Wortal CRM

 this is where all of the interaction forecast would be done where the schedules are created where all the agent information is held and things like that and the final piece of the puzzle is the actual people.

When we say people it is about your customers your agents team leaders resource planners administrators reporting access all of these people will benefit from workforce management and it’s the change process that surrounds all of the people who are the major part of the workforce.

The major stakeholders of a company’s workforce are the people so any business owner needs to keep good relationships with the workers only happy workers can work in commitment to your company. Wortal provides you with different facilities for keeping in touch with your employees in a more direct manner. wortal has options which are provided for the employees to perform actions like requesting leave forms, raising complaints, giving feedback and more this can be done with their mobile applications. This will make feel the employees more empowered and connected with the business owners in a direct way in the hierarchy of a company.

Wortal works in a way that the data and information collected from the people are given to the managing body of the company and then this information is used by the managing personnel for scheduling and forecasting the future operations of the company.


Wortal provides the best CRM software in India. The speciality of Wortal is that unlike any other CRM software wortal provides functionalities like employee management software, sales management software, workforce management software, inventory management software and many more together which will provide you with exceptional connectivity and give you the ability to manage all your business with the ecosystem provided by wortal.